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Privacy Policy

OiiO Auto strives to protect its users' privacy following with law. This document informs you on how you personal data are collected and processed when you use our website and services.OiiO Auto is committed to update this page whenever any change occurs in our policy or in your rights.

Personal data

By accessing our website, you acknowledge and agree that your personal data will be collected, transfered, stored and processed by OiiO Auto on our servers (located in the Bangladesh). You also agree to receive commercial communications from us, unless you mentioned you do not wish to receive such communications. OiiO Auto will NOT sell, rent nor share your personal data to any third party, with the exception of requests by law enforcement authorities to disclose information about users posting any illegal material.

What kind of personal data do we collect?

By placing an ad on OiiO Auto, you are deemed to have accepted that your ad details get accessible online by the public. As our servers are located in the America, you accept that your personal data will be transfered and stored on our servers in America. We collect and store the following data: e-mail address, post code, city (or country, if overseas), ad title and description. Additional information can be required, depending on the type of ad posted, (eg ads for personals: age, sex, hobbies, ...). Purpose of collection and processing of personal data

We use your personal data :

to run the ad posting service;

to improve and optimize the contents and services we propose;

to assess user interest in the website;

to inform users about new services and offers.

Use of user data posted on OiiO Auto

The personal data featured on OiiO Auto are to be used ONLY to contact a user about a specific ad, and by no means to send unsolicited commercial communications, nor to collect the user's contact details whithout his/her prior consent.